Covid-19 Info

Members and Non-Members alike,


We are so excited to be given permission to open by the state government. In keeping with the new restrictions there will be a new normal for operations at CKCC. There will be new payment processing systems, new local rules dictating how to stay safe while golfing, and some information about what we will be doing to protect you all.


We are updating our rules to fit with the guidance jointly created by the VGA and state government. We are able to offer carts; however, we can only allow a single rider unless the two individuals share a household and this will be enforced with a zero-tolerance policy. Any person allowing another to ride in their cart unless in the case of the exception above will be asked to leave the premises and will not have their money refunded. Giving a fellow player a lift from green to tee as is often the case between 9/10 and 17/18 still falls under this restriction and will be treated as allowing another player to share your cart. Private cart owners with two individuals from different households can talk to Jane, Tom, or Jordan about our updated policy and what we will do for you. Similar to carts is our policy about course fixtures and the equipment of other players. We understand that many of the habits we form out of courtesy towards our playing partners are tough to break so we will be more lenient with infractions but will ask individuals with repeat violations to leave the premises. 


We are expecting that all patrons follow CDC social distancing policy which includes...

  • Remain 6 feet apart from one another

  • Do not congregate on any part of the course

  • Do not touch another players equipment

  • Do not touch any course fixtures (they have all been disabled please to not re-enable them)


Finally, all of our employees have completed their COVID-19 protection training and will be going to great lengths to keep you safe while also making your time playing enjoyable. We are following the restrictions put forth to the letter and are happy to answer any further questions about updates to our policies. Most of these updated policies can also be found on the entrances to the clubhouse.


The pro-shop attendant will relay more specific details when checking in at the window before your tee time. Our range will be open but limited to only 12 patrons at a time.


We can’t wait to see you all out golfing!

- The CKCC Family

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