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Quick Update: Week of 7/12

Here’s a quick update from the past week with some information about upcoming events.

The Men’s Cedar/Ridge Annual Challenge Cup event has been moved to Wednesday, September 9th. Our champions from the Club Championship are as follows…

  • Carter Knox - Championship Flight

  • Marie Ayer - Ladies Club Champion

  • Brianna Connell - Ladies Net Champion

  • Jim Chase - First Flight Champion

  • Mike Caminiti - Second Flight Champion

  • Dave Steele - Red/Gold Flight Champion

The Men’s Member-Guest will be taking place the weekend of August 7, 8, 9, get in touch with your partner and sign up! There is a Scotchball coming up on July 25th, grab your significant other and enjoy a great round followed by excellent dinner specials.

Our “Second Half” membership rates are now available. Check on our website at for the prices on this awesome deal!

To those who enjoy the longer blogs, I apologize for the brevity, we are still experiencing major email issues and are still exploring different options to get messages out to people. We appreciate the understanding and can assure you that we are doing our utmost to solve this problem.

Thank you all,

Jordan Ayer

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