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Seeds, Carts, and The Ayer Open: Week of 6/7

Hello all,

The blog post for the upcoming week is being released earlier than usual due to impending policy changes and some changes that occurred in the past week. This post will address policy changes for the twilight rate, carts and sunflower seeds. Information about Ayer Open pricing, our annual Junior League, and Ryan, will also be included further down. The killer weather continues with intermittent rain keeping the grass thick, vibrant, and healthy. Some have argued that the rough is too thick but maybe that’s just what separates the men from the boys.

Policy Changes & Updates


Effective immediately our $20 unlimited golf rate is beginning at 4:30PM rather than 4:00PM. The days keep getting longer and so do the hours in the day to golf. Once the direction of day length begins to reverse, we will re-evaluate when we find it fair to change the times back. Our excellent weekday specials will continue to run at no change and in the coming week we will be doing a bundle greens fee and cart deal via our website. Keep posted on our social media for more information!

While the majority of our patrons and members have been doing an excellent job remaining safe and courteous on our fleet of carts, there have been some individuals driving in sensitive areas and without regard for others. Rangers have been dispatched throughout the week on busy days to try and mitigate these instances but it is difficult to find full coverage. Our outdoor crew will be working to install proper signage in questionable areas to help facilitate better behavior and habits.

Below is a list of some actions that you should be aware of when on the course…

  • Do not drive carts within 15 yards of any green or tee.

  • If there is a cart path near a green or tee, keep your cart on it.

  • Under no circumstances should you drive your cart on a tee box or green.

  • Avoid taking turns, downhill slopes, or other difficult driving conditions at high rates of speed.

  • Remain focused on driving at all times, anything else can wait until you come to a complete stop.

  • Do not drive through or near bunkers, especially not on the humps and other sculpted land near them.

  • Do not drive behind any of the greens with steep slopes behind them.

  • Stay on the cart path on all Par 3’s.

We hope everyone can adhere to these rules, most already do and for that we are thankful; however, for others, we will be taking steps to mitigate further abuse of the carts and course.

The last of the things we have posted notices for but haven’t officially corresponded about is the sunflower seed ban. There has been a significant uptick in the volume of sunflower seed shells on the putting surfaces and tee boxes. With COVID-19 still looming over everyone, we are asking that people refrain from bringing seeds on the course. Should you still want sunflower seeds please just remain mindful of others and bring a spit cup to dispose of your shells. That does it for policy changes, now onto upcoming events.

Information & Upcoming Events


Our annual junior league begins very soon with one very important change to note. Last year the league ran on Thursdays but will be moving to Friday’s for this season. New COVID restrictions mean that kids will no longer be able to ride in golf carts with the volunteers that run the league. The new restrictions were a blessing in disguise because we are trying to encourage walking for kids as it prepares them for Junior PGA, VGA, and school sponsored events. We hope every young member and guest interested comes out to play. The fee for non-members is $10, members play for free. This awesome experience begins at 12:30PM and should wrap up at around 2:30PM, they will play 9 holes.

Ryan continues to deliver awesome lesson deals and new packages. He has just released a new lesson series for beginner golfers. You can view the rest of his offerings at and check out his latest video and newest lesson group below!

Beginner Clinics
Download PDF • 74KB

The Ayer Open is right around the corner, taking place on the 27th. The flyer below contains all the information, see you there!

Finally we have some exciting news for guests. As referenced above we will be doing a bulk greens-fee special starting middle of this week. Greens fees with cart for $40 with a minimum volume of 5 pieces. This special will run for about a week or until they’re gone, this awesome deal is bound to run out very fast so take advantage quickly! You can find this deal live on our site store Thursday, June 11th.

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