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The "Perfect Vision": Our 2020 Membership Special

School is upon us and so are many after-school sports and activities, despite kids heading back to the classrooms, the conditions are the best they've been all season! Combine the cooler weather with the excellent work our grounds crew has done to keep the course in pristine shape and you're looking at the best time of year to spend some time on the course. If you have been enjoying golf at Cedar Knoll as a regular greens fee player, it's time for you to look forward and think about a membership for next year.

We have released our regular prices to join our club in the 2020 season; however, there's so much more to claim if you decide to pay your dues right now. Our late season membership offer begins next Tuesday the 3rd. New members joining and paying for the 2020 season now, will enjoy FREE GOLF for the rest of this season. That's two months of golf for FREE! As an added bonus, if you register for the Raymond Ayer Memorial, you will receive the member rate for the tournament and the deal will begin this Saturday!

We have reconfigured our membership tiers in a more sensible way for the upcoming season. Our college rate, once limited to only actively enrolled students, is now available to anyone of undergrad age! Look through our membership form and find great savings on your membership for the 2020 season. Check it out on our specials page at

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