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Our Story

Once the Bissonette Family Farm, we come from humble beginnings. We carry this mindset with us to provide the best cost to condition golf in the State of Vermont.  

Our story begins one summer evening as Tim Ayer, youngest son of our founders, was hitting golf balls down onto the empty cow pasture that is now our 12th hole. Watching from their back porch were Ruth and Raymond Ayer, his parents. Golf balls flying over pasture provided inspiration to change their simple dairy into a vastly different business, a golf course.

Cow pastures were the framework that Raymond used to lay out the first 18 holes, West and North. In the first year of construction the dairy operation continued as it had for decades with the Ayer family splitting time between milking their 110 Holsteins and building the golf course.

After milking cows during construction the herd was sold in fall of 1993 in order to raise more funds for construction and equipment. Approximately 150 cows, both full grown and calves, were sold off to other local dairies. The course was coming along swimmingly in '93, the range was open and the layout and majority of the land forming had been completed and turf was starting to grow.  It wouldn't be long before the course was ready to open, and in the spring of 1994, we opened for our first year.

Since then, our family has added 9 more holes, the 'South'. This auxiliary course gives members and greens fees the ability to always play regardless of what events are taking place on the original 18.


What We Do Now

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best experience of Vermont golf through exemplary service, immaculate conditions, and extremely competitive pricing.


Our Purpose

To prove that great conditions and exclusivity aren’t inextricable. 


Our Vision

A community where people from all walks of life access and enjoy the game of golf through inclusive events and robust instruction programs.

Our family is committed to providing every golfer with the best experience. We take pride in the high quality conditions found across our course and are always looking to make your experience better.

Our club tournament schedule is designed to maintain a balance of competition and fun. There is almost a 50/50 split of events designed for stiff competition and those designed to be a great time with friends or family. Our many weekly leagues provide opportunity to be social and get your golf in following work throughout the summer.

There are always improvements coming at Cedar Knoll, we aren't satisfied with just being "good enough," we want to deliver the best possible experience every time you set foot on the property.

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