Ryan Taraskiewicz, PGA

Ryan grew up in Everett, Massachusetts and has worked in every part of the golf industry since his initial days as a caddy at age 13. He went to Florida State University and become a member of the PGA of America on August 8, 2005.

Since then, Ryan has taught over 30,000 hours of instruction and has joined the elite status of Master Professional of golf instruction.

He is currently one of less than 200 individuals in the world and the second youngest ever to receive this honor.

Lesson Packages

3 Hours

3 Sessions on the practice facility working on the required areas of


"Pars for Stars"

6 Hours

6 Sessions on the practice facility working on the more specific adjustments for maximum success.

"Birdie Magic"

9 Hours

4 sessions on the practice facility followed by a 9 hole session on the course. This process will be repeated again for success.

"Fearless Eagle"

12 Hours

The ultimate learning program designed to lower handicaps and master technique.

"The Albatross"
Game Improvement

30 Minutes


60 Minutes

Individual Sessions



2 Players

3 Players

4 Players

Groups - 60 Minutes

$65 Each

$50 Each

$40 Each

Fitting Sessions

Fitting sessions are 45 minutes and will help find clubs to maximize your game.  Purchasing a lesson package entitles you to a free fitting session.  A standalone fitting session is $75. 

Ryan's Fundamentals
  1. Proper Grip

  2. Comfortable Setup

  3. Weight Shift for Power

  4. Athletic Transition

  5. Impact for Consistency

  6. Balance for Stamina

For questions about pre-planned camps or scheduled events, please contact Ryan directly.  Four our 2020 season there will be a fully detailed schedule available.

Contact Ryan


Phone: (239) 776-9536


"Ryan has saved my game!  I was about to quit golf for good until a series of lessons with Ryan.  He works magic."

- Tina B.

"I wanted to learn golf because my business partners always played when they traveled.  I was recommended to go to Ryan by a friend and he got me dialed into the game.  Now I can play with my partners when we travel for business."

- Mary D.

"I sliced the ball 30 yards each time I hit my driver until ryan fixed me up.  Now I hit a baby draw right down the middle.  Thank you, Ryan!"

- Robert L.

- Hours -
7:00 am - Early Evening
Please call for closing time as course hours are subject to change daily.

13460 Route 116
Hinesburg, VT 05461

Tel: 802-482-3186

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