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Capital improvements, Lessons, The Troops: Week of 5/31

Hello all,

Jordan here with your weekly blog update about the going-ons here at Cedar Knoll. The weather has been awful chilly this week, including a surprise appearance of sleet during Monday Night Men’s league. The grass, trees, and all the plants around the course are a vibrant green as summer begins in earnest. I have a few exciting things to share, including an event left out in the previous post, some upcoming improvements to our outside seating, and new lessons from Ryan coming down the pipeline.

In my last post I listed three upcoming events and all three are still happening; however, there was a fourth which was not listed, the Golf With The Troops event, put on by the Salute Military Golf Association (SMGA). SMGA provides golf lessons, equipment, and events for veterans with mental and physical disabilities. In 2019 this event was well attended and provided an excellent opportunity to play with those who have served our country and use golf as a therapeutic reliever to surpass their physical and mental handicaps. We can’t thank those who have put their lives on the line for our country enough but hope this event, with proceeds going to our local SMGA chapter, can provide an opportunity for veterans to enjoy this awesome game everyone at Cedar Knoll shares. You can sign up by downloading and filling out the PDF below then submitting it to the clubhouse, this event takes place on Saturday, June 20th.

SMGA VT Golf Tournament Invitation June
Download • 139KB

We have a new capital improvement in the works for our deck to help provide some shade on hot days. A pergola for the wooden section of our deck has been quoted and set in motion. For those not aware of what a pergola is, here’s a picture for reference.

This covering will extend the length of our deck and will also be able to support a rain-proof covering in the future. For now, we want to provide a covering to break up some of the very bright sun on the deck and eliminate the need for umbrellas. This project will be underway in the next couple of weeks as we are still sourcing materials but it should be operational as the peak of summer hits.

The wing special that Red’s Bar and Grille served the past weekend went great and spawned a new primary cooking method for our wings. From now on our wings will be seasoned using a dry rub before they are cooked in the oven and when more pellets for our smoker come, smoked as well. This weekend we will be serving an awesome gourmet Philly cheese-steak made with a real piece of prime grade grilled steak, fire roasted peppers & onions, and mushrooms. This sandwich will be BEEFY and comes with a choice of fries, chips, or greens for $13.

We welcome back our PGA Master Golf Professional Ryan Taraskiewicz. Ryan is available for private and group lessons, junior golf, playing lessons, mental coaching and much more. Contact Ryan today to immediately begin feeling great about your game. He has just released a ladies clinic lesson program which includes six weeks of instruction, it will cover chipping and pitching, driving, hill shots, taking proper divots, sand shots, and putting! You can find more detailed info posted below or in the clubhouse, contact Ryan for sign-up or use on of his sign-up sheets around the clubhouse. In addition to his awesome in-person coaching, he is also putting together an awesome video series which includes tips and tricks to help boost your game! You can find his full volume of videos at this link or you can watch his most recent video below!

Ladies Classes
Download PDF • 151KB

Thank you all for an awesome season thus far!

Jordan Ayer and the CKCC Family

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