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Cart Paths, Club Championship, A Completed Pergola: Week of 7/5

Man, have I got some things to tell everyone about,

From the past week I’m going to cover the results from the Firecracker, the completion of the pergola, and a significant uptick in the amount of damage we are experiencing on the greens. For the upcoming week and weekend there’s some info about the Club Championship and cart path improvements that will be taking place.

Last Week


First and foremost we would like to thank everyone who participated in the Firecracker Scramble, it’s always humbling to see how many people want to spend their holiday with us. The tournament was packed to the brim with just over 30 foursomes! Results are as follows…

1st Flight

1st Gross: Lee Bangsund, Brad Spence, Tom Borys, Gabe - 58

2nd Gross: Jim Brett, Rick Fadden, Chris Remsen, Jim Remsen - 59

3rd Gross: Marcel Giourard, Brett Moody, Alex Kuno, John Russo - 61 Matched Cards

1st Net: Dugan Alfred, Carol Alfred, Jim Chase, Logan Bessett - 51

2nd Net: Bob Deroches, Mike Landers, John Murphy, Tom Brown - 53

3rd Net: Steve Tomashot, Patti Tomashot, Jack Tomashot, John Eisnenmenn - 54

2nd Flight

1st Gross: Germain Pellerin, Tim Ellis, Dave Steele, Mike Comtois - 62

2nd Gross: Dee Bissonette, Namo Chaisri, Elise Ayer, Mystery Thomas - 64

3rd Gross: Ron Corey, Mary Corey, Mike O’Day, Lisa O’Day - 65

1st Net: Bryan Riley, Stacy Riley, Charlotte Riley, Parker Riley - 49

2nd Net: Dave Estey, Roni Estey, George Truax, Wendy Truax - 53

3rd Net: Emerson Ayer, Camden Ayer, Bryce Bortnick, Brady Jones - 54

Skins paid $308 apiece…

3 West: Dave Neff, Craig Charest, Kevin Albright, Chuck Barney - Eagle

10 North: Germain Pellerin, Tim Ellis, Dave Steele, Mark Comtois - Eagle

Thanks everyone for a great 4th of July!

It’s finally done, the pergola was finally completed earlier this week. It throws a tremendous amount of shade and is definitely an upgrade from the umbrellas of a now bygone age. Thank you to the father-son team that built this structure, Dave and Corey Bissonette. As I said a few blogs ago, they have over 40 years combined experience and always get the job done as quickly and soundly as possible. Now that the pergola is complete, if you’d like to hire them for any of your carpentry needs, give them a call at (802)310-4326!

The final thing we’d like to put out there from last week is that we are seeing a significant rise in damage done to the greens. Please call the clubhouse if you see anyone doing damage to the greens by slamming their clubs, taking divots, or any other retrograde behavior. The Superintendent, Tom Ayer, is also requesting that everyone be more aware of the need to fix their divots and pitch marks. Whenever you take a divot please try to replace it to the best of your ability, we have a dedicated divot repair employee, but it is still difficult to ensure that we get them all. When it comes to pitch marks if you hit a high lofted shot into a green and leave a mark, please fix yours and another one. Let’s keep the course beautiful!

Next Week


Looking ahead to this upcoming week and weekend, we have the Club Championship this weekend. Sign-up via email or in the Pro-Shop to try your hand at winning a parking spot and membership for next year. There is no charge to play in this event so please, if you’re on the fence, sign up! There will also be complementary peach cobbler and ice cream for all participants so it’s a win win! The deadline for signup is Wednesday.

The next project being tackled by the outdoor crew are the cart paths. Many of the trails have required some TLC and that’s exactly what the doctor ordered. The boys will be adding gravel, box grading, and doing everything in their power to ensure a smooth ride around the course. Hopefully everything will be addressed by the end of the week for the Club Championship.

The kitchen has some specials coming down the pipeline for the next week, including a change to the wing special and a NY Strip with béarnaise sauce and quartered mushrooms for this weekend.

Thanks everyone for the feedback on the blog, I’ll try to keep them coming!

Jordan Ayer

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