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Last Weekend Update and Memorial Day Weekend Info

It was great to see all of our members and guests out this previous weekend. We filled out all of our slots for the Icebreaker Scramble and were ecstatic to see new and old members playing in mixed groups throughout the field. Results were posted via email to all members but for those that didn’t see them they will also be listed below…

1st Gross: Lee Bangsund, Brad Spence, Tom Broys, Trevor Lyman - 61

2nd Gross: Dave Bedard, Darcy Spear, Justin Landry, Ray Curtis - 63

1st Net: Mike Whitney, Kendrick, Dee & Jane Bissonette - 55

2nd Net: Jerry Pap, Dave Neff, Craig Charest & Aaron Martin - 56

One Skin Paid: Birdie on 14 by Lee B, Brad S, Tom B, and Trevor L - $320

Thanks to everyone who played, we’re hoping the rest of our events throughout the season go as smoothly as this! The next club event is the Senior Championship on June 7th.

Red’s Bar and Grille served quite a bit of food off of our new snack menu. Many of the food items that we are serving now will not carry over into an updated menu when we get the go-ahead to open outdoor seating. Our new fries and chips (which are staying) were a hit with those that tried them and I can’t recommend them enough. For fans of ranch we have ranch chips and for those less than crazy for it we have plain salted chips available as well. Wings will be on the menu this weekend with a new cooking method to give them an extremely satisfying crispiness. We will have buffalo, bbq, maple bourbon bbq, ranch dry rub, and cajun dry rub available. I will continue to test out versions of new menu items as the season progresses and a full version of our full service menu will be available on the website very soon!

Our head pro, Ryan Taraskiewicz, has returned from Florida and is currently quarantining himself at home until the 28th as per State of Vermont regulations. In lieu of physical instruction he is preparing a video series which will be released on our website as they are created. Once he can begin in person instruction there will be a free 15 minute tune-up session with more details to come in the next 10 days. Kids camps are slated to begin in mid-June and sign-ups will be located on the “Instruction” page of our website. More events are in the works including Chip-n-Sips, intro adult classes, and many others! Keep posted for more info.

Leagues have started this week, albeit in a different fashion to how they have traditionally operated. All matches must be planned ahead of time within either the pre-blocked off tee times or at times determined by your match of the week. Congregation and determining your tee times right before you play is no longer possible with new social distancing rules. Cards will still be turned into flight boxes; however, they will now be sanitized before processing. Monday night was excellent and everyone followed the new procedures to a T so we’re hoping to keep the momentum rolling for the rest of the season.

In the vein of discussing social distancing for leagues, it would be prudent to address what procedures our staff is following and the expectations for all players. Phase I is still in effect and can be referenced on our website under the “COVID-19 Info” page. Any questions in regards to more specific local rules can be answered on a case-by-case basis or by referencing our specific plan also found on the same page. We can’t express enough how thankful we are for everyone’s compliance with these guidelines and want to stress that we are 100% committed to keeping every golfer and their families safe. We're hoping to receive more good news Friday in regards to outdoor seating and as soon as we are allowed our deck will be populated with some chairs and tables.

And last but certainly not least, we have had our first Hole-In-One of the season! One of our new members, Jacob Boliba, aced #14 Monday afternoon using an 8 iron. He was not in the insurance pool so worry not, you do not need to renew your protection just yet! Thanks all,

Jordan Ayer

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