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League Update: 4/8/2021

Hello everyone,

The early pop of color and good few days of March golf were a blessing. We’re looking forward to the warmer weather on the forecast and the sweet, sweet rewards from our little turbo shot of “Poor Man’s Fertilizer” this past week.

The outside crew is also proud to say that all 27 holes are now open for play! Tee times are still required and so is wearing a mask when in the clubhouse.

We would like to welcome all of the new members to Cedar Knoll Country Club. The team is excited to get to know everyone and we hope that you all have an excellent season with us. If you have not yet picked up your membership bag tag please do so the next time you visit the Pro-Shop. Please consider our league offerings below for some friendly competition and camaraderie, there’s no better way to get to know the rest of the member base!

A note on tee times and member benefits regarding them. We do not hold tee times in reserve for members; however, we do allow members to book for the next calendar week. Pro-shop staff only has tee times this far out and we allow members to book the entire duration ahead of time. Guests to the club have to book at most two days in advance. The tee sheet is packed for the upcoming weekend and we mainly have slots left for the South.

Red’s Bar and Grill is open! The full menu will slowly become available; in the meantime, we will be offering our award winning wings, jumbo dogs, burgers, and a couple of other options. Stop in for an ice cold beer and basket of perfectly cooked maple bourbon wings! We will also be offering breakfast this weekend 7:30 till 11 both days!

League Information

It is less than a week to Men’s Twilight, Ladies Twilight, and the Wednesday Day League meetings. These meetings help determine some finer details about how the league will conduct itself for the duration of the season and it is also the primary time to get signed up. Each league has their own rules in regards to how late they will allow people to sign up but make your plans to join a league next week.

Men’s Twilight League

Men’s Twilight league is a competitive, weekly event that has two players per team. Two teams face off weekly in a hole for hole competition to try and claim the lion's share of a total 18 points. Points are won by beating the other team on each hole in a low v. low/high v. high setup. The lowest score from one group is put against the lowest score from the other and whichever is lowest earns 1 point, in the case of a tie the point is halved. This repeats for the two high scores with a total of 2 points being doled out per hole. Each team's winnings add to their points total on the league standings and the team who has captured the most points by the end of the season is declared league champions.

Meeting Date: Monday, April 12th

Time: 6:00 PM

Place: Cedar Knoll Country Club

Men’s Day League

Meeting Date: Wednesday, April 14th

Time: 9:00 AM

Place: Cedar Knoll Country Club

Women’s Twilight League

Women’s Twilight league plays 9 holes of 2-person team match play on Wednesday evenings, May through August (weather permitting). Each team plays a different team each week, accumulating points for both gross and net (full handicap!) scores. Though there is a competitive format, we are an all-inclusive skill-level group that mostly just wants to socialize, so there is no pressure to play well except the self-inflicted kind. All are encouraged to stay after play for drinks and dinner on the deck, and to forge friendships that foster additional recreational play throughout the summer. Even if you cannot commit to every Wednesday, you can play as a sub for other players who have schedule conflicts or emergencies

Meeting Date: Wednesday, April 14th

Time: 6:00 PM

Place: Cedar Knoll Country Club

Thursday Night Open League

Each week we're offering up the option to play quota or scramble format. We will start league on Thursday May 6th and go until the last week in August.

Quota format: It will be two person teams and there will be a league fee of $40. We'll keep track of points throughout the season and there will be cash prizes for 1st. 2nd and 3rd place teams.

Scramble: For people who don't want to join the quota they can participate in the Scramble. No season long fee. Pay $5 at the register and money will go towards winnings for the night.

Tee Times: We'll do the same as last year. People will let me know by Tuesday if they can play Thursday. I will send out tee times Wednesday morning so you will have a final number.

Please reach out to league commissioner Dan at this email

Instruction Information

Our new Director of Instruction, Mike Slayton, has put together some information regarding his services. This information is available on our website and Mike can be reached via his email at Some junior clinics require going through the Town of Hinesburg Rec Department; however, the clinics listed on the site are available for sign-up directly through Mike.

Some General Email Information

As everyone may or may not be aware Jane uses the email to communicate short messages about recently passed events or rapidly approaching ones. It’s important that we have everyone’s contact information up-to-date so that you can know what’s going on at the club.

We do not share or sell any data/information to third parties, we only use what you send us for our communications with you, our members and guests.

I will be attaching a link to this email which directs you to a form where you can input your email and name to sign-up for emails from us. These blogs are great and include a lot of good information but are not a substitute for the more consistent, detailed information made available through our email. As mentioned in an earlier blog, they will be taking on a less prominent role in communication for this season and will primarily be focused on giving general information and outlines for each two week period.

Please do not contact us for tee times via email. Next or same day tee time requests will likely not be seen.

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