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Pergola, Member-Guest, Scallops: Week of 6/14

Hello all,

The past week has seen some strange weather with a somewhat normal week leading into a chilly weekend that has given way to stiff, humid heat. Thankfully, our pergola project is now underway and Red’s Bar and Grille is cooking up some refreshing meals for the coming week. I have results from the single day Member-Guest and some more information about upcoming tournaments as well.

From the Previous Week


Our pergola is being built by Dave and Corey Bissonette, father and son team with more than 40 combined years in carpentry and construction. I’ve attached a picture with some of their progress from earlier today. When completed, we will no longer have a need for umbrellas and are considering installing a canvas rain covering for the structure as well. Once it’s finished, if you like the work Dave and Corey do, give them a call at (802)310-4326 for any of your carpentry needs! Thanks guys!

Our single-day Member-Guest was a hit, with a cap of 40 teams we filled the tournament to the brim and loved the participation from our new members! Returning members brought many old friends of the club to play and it was a treat to see some familiar faces enjoying their time at The Knoll. The tournament split participants into three flights and each flight paid 4 places, 1st & 2nd gross and 1st & 2nd net.

Starting with First Flight

1st Gross: Carter Knox & Nate Godbout - 61

2nd Gross: Rick Fadden & Jace Molinari - 68 on Matched Cards

1st Net: Kendrick Bissonette & John Gay - 62

2nd Net: Travis Hart & Greg Willard - 63 on Matched Cards

Second Flight

1st Gross: Dugan & Collin Alfred - 70

2nd Gross: Jim Brett & Scott Rice - 71

1st Net: Mike Cormier & John Allyn - 62

2nd Net: Wyatt Shea and Ben Masson - 64

Third Flight

1st Gross: Frank Perry & Paul Blais - 74

2nd Gross: Jerry Papariello & Brad Isham - 77

1st Net: Teddy Marshall & Jack Shibli - 60

2nd Net: Michelle Swartz & Ashley Bond - 62

Skins were cancelled all over the board and only one held, Shawn Murray and John Tomko birdied #2, bringing home $310 cash.

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all those who participated, it was truly an awesome day!

Monday Men’s league this week saw the return of the ever elusive sheet metal. Many tried, many failed, with only four balls even holding the green. Our perennial champ John Sthilaire, failed to secure the win despite two of the four balls on the green belonging to him and newcomer Mark Muenier won with a bank shot that left him at 12 feet.

For the Next Week


Keep your head down, left arm straight, light grip, perfect posture, don't sway, keep your left foot down, turn your hips, eye on the ball, everybody is watching so stay relaxed.. No problem right?

Way too complicated! Call or email Ryan today to get your game in shape the easy way and check out his newest video below!

Our greens fee special that we discussed in our most recent blog post has since been made live on our website! $212 for 5 greens fees with a single rider cart! This price includes tax and means each greens fee/cart combo is the extremely low price of $40! This awesome deal is only available for increments of 5 and has no blackout dates, read the product description for more conditions. Follow the link below to purchase this package!

The Ayer Open, our annual 2 person best ball tournament takes place Saturday, June 27th, with spots filling up fast! Register your twosome soon as we will be closing registration on Wednesday of that week. For all future club tournaments we will be implementing more definitive deadlines for registration to allow the Pro-Shop time to set-up cards and tee times. This year the menu for the Ayer Open will be fresh ground beef burgers, barbecued half chickens, green salad, pasta salad, smashed fingerling potatoes, and dinner rolls! The price to add an extra meal for a non-player is $20 and you must let the clubhouse staff know if you would like to add a meal before the tournament registration deadline of Wednesday.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to share the specials that Red’s Bar and Grille will be serving this weekend. The first of our specials will be pan-seared scallops served with coleslaw and mango pico de gallo. The second special will be pork tenderloin medallions served with herbed green beans and smashed fingerling potatoes. Finally, we will be offering an old cult classic, the turkey apple panini consisting of turkey, apple, bacon, cheddar, and delicious maple aioli.

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