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Short but Sweet, Week of 6/21

Hey everyone,

This blog will be a more abbreviated version of what is usually put out due to time constraints and a lack of news from the past week. The weather continues to dry out the course and we are hoping for a few days of some nice soaking rain to help the grass bounce back from this unusually dry spell. I will be covering some information about the Ayer Open, pergola, Firecracker, and some other miscellaneous items.

The Ayer Open is approaching fast, this Saturday the 27th we take to the links for the 26th rendition of this event. The deadline to register is this Wednesday and we plan to take 40 teams; however, 36 slots are already filled so if you’ve been waiting, sign up now! You are entitled to a free practice round included in the price of your tournament dues, to be played anytime from now till this Friday with cart not included. Our menu for the event will require that upon checking in you inform the pro-shop of what protein you intend to get, the two choices are a barbecued half chicken with maple bourbon bbq or a juicy 7oz cheeseburger on a toasted brioche bun. The kitchen needs to par-bake the chickens while everyone is out golfing and this is why it’s imperative to know your choice ahead of time.

The Dogfight boards are feeling neglected this year, the season long standoff is still happening and is still a cheap buy-in of $2. Currently the O’Days sit atop the empty boards, Mike with a +2 for men’s gross and Lisa with a -5 for women’s net. The rules are simple, pay $2 at the pro-shop before your round, play with a partner who can verify your score from the white tees for men and red for ladies, and submit your score to the pro-shop following your round. The lowest 10 scores will be taken and any ties at the bottom of the board have a sudden death playoff. Once the excess has been trimmed, the top ten duke it out over a 9 hole match in a large playing group with the last one standing being crowned “Top Dog” and receiving the pot of all the money paid in.

There have been many questions about the pergola and why the quick progress came to an abrupt halt, our contractors are currently waiting on materials to complete the cedar cross-beams. When the materials finally come in it should take no longer than three days to add the cross beams and finish the beams with sanding and some other beautification measures.

The Firecracker Scramble, the highlight of many 4th of July celebrations, is still taking place this year! As per Vermont State regulations and in keeping with the current procedures that have been followed for our tournaments, it will be done with tee times rather than the usual shotgun start. The sign-up sheet can be found on the board in the pro-shop or you can register your foursome by giving us a call. This is a can’t miss event to kick off the birthday of our nation and is a great precursor to whatever barbecue you happen to find yourself at afterwards.

The outdoor crew has been trying to mitigate the damage to the turf from this awful drought while still moving forward with speeding up the greens and ensuring that they roll true. Over the past couple of weeks the verticutting machine has been hard at work thinning the bentgrass and keeping the greens in awesome condition. In addition to the verticutting the roller has been out frequently to keep things greased, less rain means less grass growth and more time to keep the greens awesome. Be ready for this weekend, it’s bound to be slick out there!

Finally I would like to address something about our emails. Please contact us via our new email of rather than our old address through AOL. Our team only checks the Gmail with regularity and anything sent to other addresses will most likely not be seen for over a week.

Thanks everyone!

Jordan Ayer

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I’m really excited about the pergola!

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