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Tom Ayer Blesses the Rains in Southern Hinesburg: Week of 6/28

Hey, everyone!

Long time-no talk, great things are happening this week in the form of water falling from the skies, I’ve attached a real video of Tom Ayer’s live reaction to the rain we just received.

In this newsletter I’ll be updating everyone on the pergola, Ayer Open results, the Firecracker deadline, and the upcoming club championship.

From the Past Week


The Ayer Open was a great success, lots of participation and great camaraderie across the board. Results are as follows…

Mixed Flight

1st Gross - Marie Ayer & Jane Bissonette : 80

2nd Gross - Elise Ayer & Namo Chaisri : 81

1st Net - Tim & Becky Monty : 58

2nd Net - Dave Estey & Lyn Porter : 60

3rd Flight: Gold Tees

1st Gross - Jim Chase & Jim Rubright : 74

2nd Gross - Mike Bushey & Duc Bedard : 75

1st Net - Craig Charest & Dave Neff : 55

2nd Net - Phil Fraser & Kurt Pettinga : 56

2nd Flight: White Tees

1st Gross - Jeff Kellar & Justin King : 76 Matched Cards

2nd Gross - Steve Clark & James Webster : 76

3rd Gross - Connor Peet & Kip Raftery : 79

1st Net - Jacob & Jeff Boliba : 61

2nd Net - Harley Brown & Mike Baker : 62

3rd Net - Ben Ellsworth & Andrew Peet : 64

1st Flight: White Tees

1st Gross - Bryan Riley & Kendrick Bissonette : 70 matched cards

2nd Gross - Dan Boucher & Rick Fadden : 70

3rd Gross - Tom Ayer & Steve Poplawski : 71

1st Net - Lee Bangsund & Brad Spence : 63

2nd Net - Jim Brett & Rick Simpson : 65 matched cards

3rd Net - Scott Foley & John Gay : 65

Skins: $92.00 Apiece

Birdie on #2 Bryan Riley & Kenny Bissonette

Birdie on #5 Phil Fraser & Kurt Pettinga

Birdie on # 8 Tom Ayer & Steve Poplawski

Birdie on # 18 Norm Ayer & Mike Whitney

A big thank you to everyone who played, that’s a wrap for our first major of the season and another plaque on the board for Mr. Kendrick Bissonette. The next major of the season comes the weekend after next with our Club Championship. Parking spots, a free membership, and a place in history are on the line. There is no entry fee for this event so just sign up in the Pro-Shop and you’re in on the 2nd of 4 total CKCC majors.

This past week we have been experiencing major issues with our email account and have found communication very tough. To address this problem we have upgraded to a business account using our website domain in order to facilitate better communication channels. We frequently run into the problem of exceeding our email capacity with the address we have been using and it prevents us from sending out even single emails. We apologize to everyone about this issue and we are hoping that our new account will sort out this problem. You can continue to email and your emails will be forwarded to our new account of Please stop emailing our old AOL address, it is not checked regularly and your email will not be seen for some time, thank you.

Looking Forward


The pergola construction resumes this week, our friends at Hayley Wood Products finally received cedar after a long fought battle with some Canadian suppliers. Building materials are in short supply right now so we thank them for their tenacity in getting us the product we needed! If you need any building materials or stair related products, don't hesitate to give them a call at (802)488-3143 or visit their website at Construction now moves along at a steady pace and we are looking at a completion time of tomorrow or Monday of next week. Let's get rid of those umbrellas!

Looking forward to this weekend we have the Firecracker Scramble, this 4 person scramble is always the perfect way to kick off your 4th of July celebrations. Today is the last day to register your foursome so please email or call the Pro-Shop at (802)482-3186 to sign up. The kitchen and clubhouse will be closing at 5:30PM to allow everyone some family time, we appreciate your understanding!

Red’s Bar and Grille is cooking up some specials for the club championship weekend and I will be sharing them in the next blog. Everyone should be ready for smoked pulled pork and brisket to be right around the corner, meat prices are finally somewhat normal and I can’t wait to fire up the smoker again!

Thank you everyone,

Jordan Ayer

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